During 2007 - 2009 the industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails fronted by Grammy and Oscar award winner Trent Reznor, were going through a period of rediscovery. The plan was for the band to tour an immersive new live show and have it filmed in 3D by James Cameron's team of expert film makers... however, due to a break up with their music label and the rights to their songs being up in the air, this did not come to pass. Instead Trent declared an 'open taping policy' at his shows, and invited his fans with "an entrepreneurial spirit" to film and preserve the tour. This is where a collective known as This One Is On Us came in and took matters into their own hands employing professional filmmakers and audio mixers to record the shows. My role was to be head of their art department, making sure  it all came together in a bumper package for fans including an extensive printed and digital booklet, posters, stickers, packaging, blu-ray  menus, a website and a host of other design task .  All proceeds for this release went to charity.
Hundreds of gigabytes of footage were shot from different angles, different shows and backstage interviews with the band, documenting the tour from the viewpoint of the audience. The result was a raw but professionally shot film garnering critical acclaim and praise from the likes of Rolling Stone Magazine. Trent would go on to say he was "blown away" by the production and to call it an official Nine Inch Nails recording. It remains the only live tour film from this period of the band's career. 
The Warning - Nine Inch Nails
Taken from The Gift disc found in the Another Version of the Truth box Blu-ray set.

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